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capture of the guilty individual, in which case we will lock them in our back room and make them clean guns for an undisclosed period of time.
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Big Dave has been the head gunsmith at Elk Castle since 1986.  His exterior dimensions and demeanor most closely resemble those of a Sasquatch*, but he’s the best gunsmith this side of the Pecos, and probably the other side too.

We’ve long since deemed him too ugly for public display, so keep him back in the shop doing what he does best, while we’ve got two other young, dashing, and eminently qualified gunsmiths to handle your questions and interface with the ’Squatch.

Between the three of them, they handle your Warranty Gunsmithing, repair work, customization and stock work.  Recoil pads or adjusting stock length is done every Wednesday, and when you get the gun back, it will look like factory work, if not better.

They’ll tame the recoil right out of your magnum rifle with beautifully finished muzzle brakes, do comprehensive Cleaning & Oiling, install new sights, mount and bore-sight scopes, and generally make themselves useful.  Don’t be bashful about bringing something in for custom work – triggers, actions, metal-finishing, stocks, or barrel work.  They make it all smooth and really pretty.

The gunsmiths at Elk Castle Shooting Sports are also professional connoisseurs of food items, should you find yourself in need of a professional opinion on your barbecue or cheesecake, and they all boast post-graduate degrees in Chili Tasting and Dessert Assessment.

Try them out.

You’ll be glad you did.

*Specifically, the hairiest and meanest Sasquatch out of 13 tribes of Sasquatches.