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New Sitka Gear at Elk Castle

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Quick update on some of the going's-on at Elk Castle - we've recently become a dealer for Sitka Gear, and have added a full line of Sitka inventory to our store.  We're pretty excited to be offering this in store, as the quality and performance of the Sitka product line is synonymous with what our customers have come to expect at Elk Castle.

Sitka Gear is more than just some camo duds for the deer blind.  They offer a high-tech layer system that allows you to completely customize your gear, and then mix and match your layers for everything from casual varmint hunting in the Texas heat to stalking caribou on the Alaskan tundra.

The ideal Sitka system starts with an inner Next-to-Skin Layer that wicks moisture away from the skin, prevents odor and the growth of bacteria, and comes in many styles and various colors.  You then select your Insulation Layer, Outer Layer, and Waterproof Layer as needed.  Since Sitka offers a wide variety of tops and bottoms in many styles, it facilitates building a perfect system that you can customize for any hunt for any game, anywhere on the planet.

The designers at Sitka were very forward thinking in creating each garment for maximum comfort and convenience with body mapping technology, conveniently located pockets and accessories, and additional features for warmth, comfort, and the ability to shed or add layers and accessories without having to completely undress.  Hoods and masks that offer maximum peripheral vision, and layers that allow full range of motion are just a few of the ways Sitka Gear has taken hunting clothing to another level.

We hope you'll stop by and take advantage of this new addition of gear available at Elk Castle Shooting Sports.